Getting job searching assistance in the US through Upwardly Global

Restarting job huting by going back to basics with Upwardly Global

I have probably applied to fifty jobs (I want to say I’m exaggerating, but right now it does feel like I’ve sent my resume that many times) but so far I’ve only gotten two interviews (both of which didn’t get me the job), and most of them are denied job applications, which makes me believe I’m doing something wrong. And so a few days ago, I have decided to reach out to Upwardly Global and sent them my application on March 16.

Upwardly Global is an organization aiming to help immigrants in the US to rebuild the careers they had before immigrating to the US. Their website was easy enough to navigate, and the help and assistance they provide is free. According to their website, Upwardly Global provides service to the immigrant job seeker, saying:

“Our Job Seeker Services Program prepares educated and skilled immigrants, refugees, and asylees to overcome the numerous barriers to professional employment.”

They don’t just accept any immigrant for their program. They do have requirements for the job seeker who wish to get assistance from their organization. Upwardly Global has three offices locations: Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Of course, with them being located so far away from where I live (Missouri), I had to figure out if they provide online services as well. Turns out, they do.

I figured there was no harm in trying, and after reading that it’s free, I’ll be gaining more information on insight as an immigrant trying to not just find a job but find a career I will enjoy. And so earlier today, I received a phone call from Upwardly Global and they just asked me a few questions about what my career and job expertise was back home, as well as providing information about their organization. Additionally, you would have an adviser to help you out with their workshops, and provide assistance as well with providing you a bridge between you, future employers, and networking with them. This organization is not an agency; they will not offer nor offer you a job. As they have said in their website:

“We do not guarantee job placement. What we can guarantee is that after you complete the training, you will have a professional portfolio consisting of a resume and cover letter, a growing connection with professionals in your field, and improved interview and networking skills. Your success in finding a job will depend on your motivation and determination.”

After providing and exchanging details and questions and answers, I was emailed with a link for a Professional Assessment, followed by a online presentation of Resume Writing here in the US and after listening to it intently and absorbing all the information. At the end of the lesson, I revised the resume using the information I learned (as well as the resume template they provided – which I don’t want to put online) and realized just how different my previous resume looked compared to my newly revised one.

I intentionally blurred it to protect my information, and to make sure anyone with a bad intention of using my personal information won't be able to use it

I intentionally blurred it to protect my information, and to make sure anyone with a bad intention of using my personal information won’t be able to use it

What I learned from the Resume Writing Lesson they provided is that with my non-US job experiences, the employers won’t be able to relate to it and so I needed to provided additional information. However, I did remove my internship details and college activities. I decided to do that because my internship didn’t really relate to any of my previous experiences, and with me being no longer a recent graduate, my college activities don’t really matter that much anymore.

I will be giving updates regarding my lessons with Upwardly Global and review the lessons, services they provide, and if the program helps me out in the future when it comes to finding my career. I do know it’s not just Upwardly Global who bring me to my goal. I, myself, would have to be serious and keep my end of the bargain by doing what is required of me and participating and doing their suggestions and tips, in the hopes that at the end of this all ,I’ll find my place in the industry I love in the US.


Creative Cover Letter for a Job Application

Cover Letter idea – creative, unique, out-of-the-box

Creative Cover Letter for a Job Application

My third attempt at creating a non-traditional cover letter, this time for my application in Kansas City Zoo.

My third attempt at creating a non-traditional cover letter, this time for my application in Kansas City Zoo.

Being creative and standing out from the rest when you’re applying for a job with a non-traditional cover letter

Well, I found another job I got interested in applying for. It’s a position in the Kansas City Zoo, and looking through the qualifications they want, I do fit 75%-80% of it. What scared me is that it is a managerial position, and I’ve never had an experience in managerial level (not counting the fact that I was about to be promoted in my last job as Senior Video Editor, but I had to immigrate to the US so it never officially happened.) I’ve been seeing the job position since December of last year but never really bothered because I think I am way too under qualified. It’s January and I still see the position open, so hey, why not? I know I will only regret it more if I didn’t even try at least.

There was this online article I’ve read titled Why You Should Still Apply to a Job Even If You Don’t Meet the Exact Job Requirements and the article said:

“Don’t let a job listing’s list of criteria intimidate you. The list of requirements are more a wish list for the ideal candidate and may not need to be taken so literally, advises the Daily Muse… The worse thing that can happen if you apply and aren’t a good fit is not getting an interview or the job. If you don’t apply? You definitely won’t.”

And so that’s what I did; tossed my fears into the wind yet again and just went for it. As always, since I don’t have any other software on the laptop I’m using (because it is not mine and I just feel that I’m a mean person if I try installing video editing and/or graphic software), I relied on Wix again to help me create an exclusive webpage for my web-based cover letter. So far,  out of the three unique cover letters I have created, I have only heard back from one (with which the HR said they voted for the job position to be closed and opened another one – and this new job opening made me feel like I can’t do the job responsibilities it listed down. Actually, it was just that one responsibility which I feel that I will fail at. And so I haven’t really applied to that new job they suggested to me.)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, people. I hope I hear from the other two sometime next month. I do not like being unemployed, more so if it’s hitting the sixth month mark.

A try in creating a non-traditional cover letter

A try in creating a non-traditional cover letter

Been trying to put effort in cover letters – by making them web-based. I don’t know if they’re worth it or if the employer would even look at it, but I am hopeful.

I wanted to work hard on something, even if it’s a job application. I want to feel like I have accomplished something.

Here’s my finished product:

I have another one here: