Jobless, and dealing with feeling down

Not landing the job, unemployed for so many months, and dealing with mild depression

After being so hyped up with my last job interview, I was really just saddened and dismayed that I didn’t get the job. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with depression, but for anyone who has been unemployed for a long period of time (seven months since I immigrated, but been officially job hunting for four months since I got my green card) it feels like there’s nothing really anything else that will save you from that deep, dark feeling of feeling worthless.

Unemployed? Fight the idleness.

With so much time in my hands, it would make sense that you I should just keep being busy and fight the sad depressing feeling of unworthiness. That’s the most logical thing to do, right? The saying “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” rings so true, with the devil tinkering with you with depression and hopelessness. I’ve been through it, and I’m just tired of crying. And so for two days now, I’ve been trying to be productive: cooking, promoting my husband’s project, job hunting, chatting with my best friend from half a world away. I will admit, there are still the idle moments where I want to just stop whatever I’m doing and just think why I didn’t get the job I fell in love with. But I need to keep telling myself that I can’t keep wallowing in such things. If you’re stuck in the same rut as I am, no matter what it is, make your mind work, be productive, and do something you can be proud of which won’t make you think you’re worthless. Especially if you are an immigrant like me as well and finding it hard to find jobs, and finding it difficult to network. Find a hobby and develop some skills. It’s always best to tell your future interviewer that despite your unemployed months, you were able to learn something new and be pro-active with a hobby or project.

Right now, I’m considering getting the help of UpwardlyGlobal, which will offer free training to help you get your start in the world of ‘Murica… I mean, America. I am alos giving myself a goal of trying to promote my husband’s project and it helps me think of ways on how I could market it for free and attract people in liking or supporting it. I won’t stop job hunting (and my husband’s looking for a job as well since he resigned from his seasonal job due to bronchitis), but like you, I am waiting for that break as well.


So I passed my permit test

Passing my permit test on my first try


I know it’s not a big deal for most people, but for me it is. I feel like I had a life accomplishment or something. For someone who was scared and didn’t know anything about driving for the whole 27 years of her life, I consider this a big accomplishment for me. I know that completing the 40 hours of required driving will be tougher, and doing the actual driving test will be make me a lot more apprehensive than the practice driving. But I am hoping I will complete and pass them.

I’m hoping sometime in the future, my husband and I could have a car for each of us (my husband’s car makes too much loud noise due to the power steering, and it fails him during the worse time to lose your power steering while you’re in downtown Kansas City).

Being an immigrant and not knowing how to drive

Being an immigrant and not knowing how to drive

Immigrant learning how to drive  – can I even pass the permit test?

The first few weeks of coming to the US had been the scariest and most awesome moments of my life. Now that I’ve been here for about five months and with most of my documents already approved from my K1 Visa process to my Adjustment of Status application (Employment Authorization being one of them), I need to start to actually fit into their world and learn how to drive. And it sucks when you’re an immigrant and from a country where driving is considered more of a luxury than a necessity. I have always relied on public transportation, never knowing I would one day be emigrating from the Philippines.

Now that I’m here and now realizing how much driving is important here, I’ve been trying to review the Missouri Driver’s Guide. But reading all those texts just bores me out. I needed something interactive. Which is why I googled sample driving tests online, and I found a site where I actually enjoy taking the sample tests that helps me gain knowledge about driving and review what i already know.

The website is Driving-Tests.Org It’s easy enough to navigate. Just select your state, and select the kind of sample exams you want to try and there you go!

And having both the booklet and those sample exams, I feel pretty confident than in a couple of days (or weeks, depending on how my nerves are) I could take the permit exams and finally practice with my husband’s car as along I have someone accompanying me.