Finally got a job offer!

One week after the interview, I was offered the job!

So happy!
I feel bad. I have neglected posting in here for a while, but in all fairness, I have been dealing with stress and depression trying to find jobs, job leads, and just continued to send job applications like crazy. But it finally happened – I was offered a job!

My application was done late February or early March (i can’t even remember because it was that long ago for me), and after a month of applying to it, I figured I didn’t have a shot. When I finally got an email invitation for an interview, I was certainly surprised that I heard back from them two months after I applied. (And then I realized with all the interviews I previously got, the average waiting time for me from application to interview invitation was 2 months.)

I believe all the failed interviews I’ve had, preparation, and really pushing my confidence out of its teeny tiny shell helped me in presenting myself during that interview. Upwardly Global has been a huge help, and their training videos definitely assisted me in preparing for the job interview. Additionally, they will assign you an adviser who will call you from time to time, review your resume and basically help out an immigrant who’s having a hard time presenting themselves as a job seeker in the US job market. (I’ll review my experience with Upwardly Global probably in my next blog post.) Besides that, my husband and I also attended a career resume-building workshop and, again continued to find job leads.

The interview went for an hour, where they asked their typical questions, I showed my genuine interest of working with them (as I have worked in an educational institution back in the Philippines too and enjoyed it), showed them a previous video work sample, made them laugh, and asked them questions as well. It was an interview I really did enjoy. What made me think that I wouldn’t get the job was that my previous job experience and what they are looking for aren’t exactly a match, but the basics are both the same. It was a week of waiting and li’l ol’ me was getting pessimistic about the whole thing again and my husband was very understanding and loving and we never stopped praying.

I cried when I heard the words when they called Monday morning. As much as I didn’t want to make myself feel like my work gives me a status or provides me a safety net, being unemployed really felt like I was lower than low. And with something positive to look forward to now, I can’t wait to start saving up, move out, find an apartment (my in-laws have been so understanding and patient with us for letting us live with them since I immigrated) and help my husband with his project and get his novel published, and of course, visit my family in the Philippines in a couple of years or so. We also plan to move out closer to my work place, because it just won’t work with my husband (I still am trying to learn how to drive, or at least be confident enough on the road) driving me to and fro from his parent’s house to work for 40 minutes. I’m looking forward to apartment hunting now!

I’m excited, and scared; scared of starting a job in less than two weeks and I feel like I won’t be able to function properly because of my nervousness. I’m excited as well, because finally, my husband and I can finally start a new path.



Second job interview was interesting

Had my second interview today,and I had a more optimistic attitude

Do the dance

Getting more comfortable with interviews after failed job interviews

Let me do a happy dance!

After an interview for a video editing job position today, I felt much better. I finally felt that feeling that I didn’t feel when I did my previous interview where I had so much regret that I didn’t do well with my answers. With this recent interview, I felt at ease and comfortable enough to express all my answers in all honesty, in a professional way of course.

It wasn’t just mental preparation. I wanted to feel good in my clothes and make up. Again, with my previous interview, my make-up was running and it made me so uncomfortable that I do think it added to my nerves and my physical presentation. And so I asked my husband to just let me buy some stuff (make up and hair products) so that I would at least look professional enough. I had a blazer on, a cute white top to match with it, black slacks and nude heels, with simple make up and flat-ironed hair. I did keep my dragonfly earrings on instead of putting the pearls because I didn’t want to be too corporate because I did have a feeling that it was going to be a casual work office.

The company I had my interview with is a small company which mainly deals with post-production. The fact that they were casual and laid-back made me comfortable conversing with them, instead of sounding like a robot with every answer I say. The interview process was short, direct, casual. Before it started, I was talking to one of them and it kind of broke the ice because we talked about something in common: immigration process. After that chat, I had three people interviewing me (which was a first for me because I’ve had a one-on-one interviews or a panel interview with one interviewer asking at least three applicants questions related to the job.) It was scary at first because I have to say an answer which will satisfy all three interviewers.

I would have to say, prepping for an interview and making sure your clothes and make up, does help in making you feel at ease and less nervous. The only time I got nervous was when I stepped into the office and everyone was looking, and when my hair tie got loose and so my hair was just annoyingly hanging on the left side of my face, with which I had to remove my hair tie and continue answering their questions with my hair down (which I hope did not get me any bad point), and I didn’t realize I was fiddling with the hair tie that it fell on the floor which cut off my speech and I had to pick it up form the floor (which I am hoping I don’t get any bad point for that too.)

I didn’t forget to send a thank you note, and I heard back from them a few hours afterwards saying they’ll let me know by next week, that is if I get to do the next part of the hiring process or if everything I said during the interview wasn’t enough.

Fingers crossed, I really do hope I hear back from them again.

Got another interview

Thank you God I got another job interview

Fist pump yeah

Hoping to pass this job interview

I really felt that I messed up my last one and so when I got the email that I’m invited for an interview with a different company, I got excited, and then fearful; fearful that I might not do that great yet again.

I know over-thinking and letting fear rule you will just make you feel all the more worse during the interview. I feel more confident with this one though because the job position is something I know I can really do. It is related to video editing, which I have more than 5 years of experience. And when I was told that part of the hiring process is having to do some video editing, it kind of scared me for a bit because I haven’t edited videos for about 5-6 months (due to immigrating).

Here’s hoping I feel better (being sick sucks) by the time the interview comes around.

I survived my first job interview in the US!

Surviving my first US job interview – and I feel like I really didn’t do my best


You know that feeling of how calm your state and being is after an interview? It never lasts long, because you suddenly think of how bad you did at the interview? I still feel it. Three hours after the interview I still feel it. I feel like I didn’t do my best. I had two interviews today (one was from my application which I created a web-based cover letter for, and the other one was through my father-in-law)

The first interview was nerve-wracking for me. She was very nice though. The interview started off well. We broke the ice by talking about the weather. And then the questions started coming in. I can’t list them all because there were a lot, but I knew she wanted to get to know how I was as a professional, how I deal with work and be creative, about social media management, etc. All of which I answered but it just feels like all the things I said were not the complete answers I wanted to say. Nerves would overcome me and I would choke on  my word, or stutter, or my mind will just go blank. I did try my best, but I really wished that I did better.

The second was went well too. It was more casual, laid back. The only down side was, it was a job I don’t have any experience in, and she did say there’s no career advancement since it is a small company. If it doesn’t work well with the first interview I went to, this is an option for me as well. If it doesn’t work for either, I would just have to keep trying and finding.

I would say I am more nervous and excited in a way with the first one. However, the second one as this work aura that I am comfortable in (definitely reminded me of my previous workplace which was good since I liked the laid back days we would have after our busy months.)

Sending thank you notes after the interview

I  must admit, this is a practice that I never did back in the Philippines. A few might have done it, but it’s never a popular practice. And after reading articles online, it seems like it’s something you shouldn’t forget to do. And I did send my thank you notes. I am looking forward to their messages telling me whether or not I get to do the next step of the hiring process or if I didn’t make the cut.

I’ll know if I do or don’t by tomorrow or by the end of next week.