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The real 90-day fiance stories

The 90-day fiance show of TLC was full of drama, but the real story isn’t half as bad as what the show portrays

90 Day Fiance

Undergoing the K1 visa process, the same process that the 90-day Fiance show of TLC released, I had the intention of seeing at least one episode (despite the overly-dramatized scenarios on the previews and trailers). I wanted to watch couples who got through the journey that I was in, how annoying the process got (which basically was the whole drama for my husband and I back then), how scary it was to be in a new place and feeling out of place, and how good it finally felt to be together. Out of all the couples they have featured (and after watching two shows), the only couple I kinda “fan-girl”ed on was Kirlyam and Allan (well, mostly Kirlyam because I find her pretty).

Erika, a friend I met at the VisaJourney forms, shared the same sentiments, albeit a little more outraged and I understood why. The show, which we assumed would shed light into the process and show the rest of the world that not all K1 fiances are mail-order brides or gold diggers or cold-hearted partners who only want green cards. There may be cases of those things happening, but that doesn’t mean it applies to the rest of us. I invite you to follow Erika’s blog, Life as Mrs. Presson, and read on her future posts of her amazing idea of interviewing other couples who went through the K1 process. It’ll provide additional information, and it will be interesting to see how other couples did their journey. My husband and I have been invited to partake in this, and would love it if you guys support the whole idea behind it.